Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Evie The Cat

My Mom busied herself with laundry and packing today. I didn't like it. I don't want her to go. We can hardly make eye contact with one another because we know what's coming, the cry fest. She is worried to leave, wondering how I'm gonna do all this alone. The dinner hour through bed time will be the most difficult, she has devised a plan. Grandma Kris has said she wont leave here until I arrange with Cheyenne to be my mother's helper. Cesar and I talked about it and have agreed it's a great idea. Cheyenne is excited, Hugo and I are stoked and my Mom is relieved. I still don't want her to go. I keep leaving hints, she keeps ignoring them. And, for the very first time EVER, Dad is not the one pushing to go. Mom is shot. I feel bad. We've used and abused her. I'm gonna miss her so much. So will Evie. As my mom packed, Evie wouldn't leave her bags alone. She kept crawling on top and inside them no matter how often we'd bat her away. Evie the Cat is desperate for an adventure I think.

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