Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Deflating

I feel good. I feel tired (very, very tired), but good. My body is healing as it should. I have no pain at my incision, thank heavens. I was told that stairs would be off limits for 3 weeks after the c-section. We've just skipped that piece of information. My doc told me that I could drive as long as I wasn't full of pain meds. I only took one that first night home from the hospital to help me sleep. They don't make me feel loopy or anything, just sleepy. Sleepy is awesome. I've been driving to doctor visits for the girls and making grocery runs for our tummies and delivering Hugo to and from nursery school and oh yeah, I made that exciting run up to the hospital to bring the girls home all by myself. So, I'm driving, climbing stairs, walking, picking up toys off the floor, managing some cooking... and nursing. I'm also pumping. I nurse, bottle feed and pump, then change diapers and watch as the girls fall into their milk comas.

These recovery milestones are all made possible by my Mother's presence here in our home. As I pass out on the couch or collapse in a heap on our bed, my Mom silently sweeps up the mess around me and quietly attends to the girls, changing their bottoms and filling their bellies with milk. Hugo isn't so sure of Grandma Kris. He is still eying her with suspicion. But not our girls. I think Marlo is especially taken with Grandma. After inhaling her bottle, Marlo snuggles into my mother's shoulder while she is being burped and eased into sleep.

p.s. - these are some of my old jeans!


Maggie May said...

If you can handle it, avoid processed as much as possible. Eat apples, berries, honey, etc. instead of other treats. I lose weight like crazy when I'm good about this little rule.

Glad you are reaching for your regular jeans already. :)

Piques said...

It is so great to hear you doing so well. I told you that section recovery wasn't so bad.

Good for you, Good for your family.

I am keeping up with update from Mom and Dad, but I love hearing it directly from you.

K May said...

You are looking really good. I am impressed that you are already into your old jeans!! The girls are adorable. I'm sure grandma is loving it.