Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Days Till Babies

I woke this morning dreaming of sesame chicken. Just terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Carolina made waffles for our breakfast with delicious strawberries and raspberries. After breakfast I was a good girl and moved right onto some sewing projects that needed finishing before the girls arrival home. Hugo watched cartoons on Poppa's new giant flat screen. It's kinda strange watching Sponge Bob in theater mode. I ran out of sewing thread so up the stairs I went. Once at the top of the stairs, I could no longer remember why I had climbed the stairs. I decided to take a shower. So I showered and layered my body with sweet smelling bath oil, wound up my hair, wrapped my hippo momma body in Cesar's generous, terry cloth robe and walked to our room to dress. Oh, I should pause here to further form a more accurate picture of what was going on, Hugo had joined me, talking full speed ahead, just as I was about to turn the water off in the shower. He was still following. I looked down at him. My eyes could see him, but my ears did not hear a single, solitary word uttered from his sweet mouth. It was kinda sorta... lovely. Like I had my very own mute button for one brief moment. I was sleepy and I think the clock read that it was only 11 am. I thought I'd curl up a minute on top of the covers and let the body oil heat up and do its moisturizing business. Hugo decided that we were playing a cuddling game of closing our eyes and then quickly peeking at each other. It was peaceful, quiet, warm and a fun game. Evie the cat lounged along with us. At some point, the peeking game was over for me and I was fast asleep. I dreamed about sesame chicken.

I woke and dressed and marched down the stairs to announce that I was going to order some sesame chicken and were there any other takers? No. No one paid attention to me. No one was even interested in joining me for a ride to the other end of town and back to fulfill my quest to squelch this nagging focus on food. I was on my own, but was not deterred. Sesame chicken was soon to fill my belly.

Once home I devoured the sticky sweet stuff. Through a stuffed mouth I did pause long enough to ask if anyone would like to share? Hugo was up in a chair beside me in a flash. He loves the sesame soaked broccoli best. At the end of our meal I passed out one fortune cookie to Hugo and one for myself. My fortune read something about patience being a virtue - blah, blah, blah. I've heard that one before and I do think I'm a pretty patient person thank you. Hugo cracked open his fortune cookie and handed me his slip of paper begging to know what it said, so cute! "What's it say Momma, what the words say?" The above photo is of Hugo's fortune.

"You will be reunited with old friends."

Wow. Old friends. Hugo is pretty little still and has had only one friend, Miss Krystal, move away. I believe his fortune, these "old friends", is talking about his sisters to be, who are scheduled to enter this world on Tuesday. How beautiful to think that Hugo and his sisters are already friends. That they have known each other, played with each other and have enjoyed each others company long before this earth was formed. That they have been parted during his short years here on earth but have possibly had this secret between the three of them, knowing that they would be reunited with one another in the form of an eternal family. Through the veil of birth in which Hugo passed through as all babies do, he has forgotten them. Hmmm, has he forgotten them truly? I am remembering his early prediction of two babies in my tummy. I wonder if during this countdown to the girls birth they know him and are eager to see him once more. That they have been keeping tabs on Hugo along with Cesar & I, and are eager to join this little family of ours. I really shouldn't have purchased my take-out on a Sunday, but I can't help but feel that this fortune cookie was especially meant for us. For our soon to be family of five.


Audra said...

Beautiful insight, Ali. We'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow as your girls enter this world, and of course look forward to pictures. Good luck, and lots of love vibes from Wisconsin. :)

Millie Price said...

so sweet! good luck tomorrow!!

Maggie May said...

Everything is going to go perfect--no worries, Ali! I'm prayin' for ya though! :)

KristyKay said...

Good luck sweetie. Know we are all thinking about your and saying many prayers... XXXXXX