Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Improvements

We finally decided that this was the year to tackle doors in the arches leading onto the veranda. I am so excited about the amount of light that will soon pour into our living room! Cesar is excited to end the excessive heat loss from the floor below and out this odd, indented wall of our 2nd floor living space. I think we are going to try to salvage these two cute glass doors. I'm hoping that one will work as a door for the powder room. Glass panes on a powder room door?! Don't worry, I've got some ideas!


Removing the old wall to have access to the new doors will be challenging and fun for Cesar. I wonder if he'll attempt to begin the project this weekend? I mentioned something about saving the old windows from the wall for an outside play house for the kids. I was vetoed. Garbage. It's all going to the dump.

This photo shows part of the old, inside wall with one window looking out onto the veranda. The new door on the left, is hiding one of the old glass paned doors. I wonder what old man Mayone would say about our choice of home improvements on his 1895 copied Italian Villa? I wonder why did he not place doors in these beautiful arches to begin with? While we are on the subject of my house and "why"... Why is there a curving, brick staircase on one side of the exterior of the house with another straight, brick staircase only a few feet over? Why were their 8 outside doors? Why is there only a half basement? Was there really a fresh water spring bubbling up into the basement which was used to keep the milk and butter cool? Why is the staircase from the first floor to the second so narrow and plain? Why is there a regular sized window in my bedroom closet? Why is their no clear, true front entrance? And why couldn't he have thought about a coat closet? Obviously, his wife had not been included in planning the homes interior spacing.

End of the first day and the three doors were framed and in place. No insulation, no hardware, no screen doors, no trim work inside or out... Patience. It all takes patience. And cash.

Remember my post long ago about our house having 8 outside doors? We have added one door and closed two. Our house now has seven doors leading to the great outdoors.


KristyKay said...

Oh Hon! They look really really nice!!!
Just what you needed in that place.

sam said...

#1. You live in a castle.
#2. YOU HAD TWINS!?!?!
#3. Sorry it's been so long...
#4. Love.

Millie Price said...

they looks really nice you guys! i love it! bet the light is super great now!