Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miss Marlo

Little Miss Marlo has begun to turn the corner on her misunderstoodness.

She has been content during her awake time.

She seems far less anxious.

She still will not wait, one moment longer than need be, when it's time to eat.

She doesn't like to make eye contact. It's something I've begun to notice with her increased wakefulness. This photo shows her anxiety over the possibility of my closing up the milk shop early. I whisper in her ear not to worry so.

She squeaks and sighs like a puppy dog as she nurses.

Finally, she is content to kick around and just be after she has fed.


KristyKay said...

Now if you get tired of holding her...just call Fed Ex and have her brought straight out here! Grandma knows what she wants...right Marlo?

amy said...


I've been away for too long. The girls are here and they are adorable as ever! You take such lovely pictures as usual, but could they be even cuter? Not possible! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the girl to boy ratio. Hee-hee.