Friday, January 1, 2010

Baptista Weekend

VawVaw and Marlo

Our house was brimming with Baptista's this weekend. January 1st is Jose's birthday and was a lovely excuse for us all to be together once more. This was the first time Tio Rafael and the cousins Charlie and Sofia met our girls. Jose and Carolina wanted to make things as easy as possible for me so they generously arrived with their arms laden with food. I wish I would have photographed my kitchen counters for a visual record of all their planned out meals. It was wonderful and delicious! Thank you!

Hugo received his very first remote controlled car from Vovo.
Rodrigo and I feared for our toes.
Hugo beamed.

Popsha brought yummy treats of Sumol in all sorts of flavors and chourico.

We hadn't seen Charlie or Sofia since their early summer visit due to our not traveling because of my baby bump. Now the girls are out and we were all together. Well, not all together. Our thoughts were full of Alistair, Helena, Ari and Gina far, far away in frozen, western Canada.

Tio Raf gave Hugo Lego Star Wars and Indian Jones for Christmas.
Trouble is, we need Charlie to move in so we three know how to play!

Rafael and Sabine

Charles and Marlo


KristyKay said...

You'll have to ask Raf what that thing is crawling down his chin!
But the photos of Cesar's family are real good. Charlie has really grown up! And Sohia is SO-o-o- pretty! Wow, they will really have there hands fill there!
With Raf's hair shorn so short i thought that last shot looked like a young Jose!

Piques said...

I am so sorry I missed the get together. I am sure that our girls would have had no finer time than being surrounded by aunties and uncles, grandparents and cousins.

Your girls are such little beauties. What different personalities are showing up in these photos! I can not wait to see them. I have a couple of things for them and I need to get my bum in gear and get them to you.

Lots of love, Piques