Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today marks 12 years of marriage for Cesar and I .

In 12 years we've:
Met on a film set.
Fell in love.
Eloped at New York City Hall.
Moved my belongings from Maryland to New York.
Stored my furniture in Rhode Island.
Shared an apartment on the Upper East Side
with a roommate for the first six months of our marriage.
Cesar was baptized.
We've owned a VW Rabbit, 2 VW Golfs
and a Transportation Yellow, dual fuel tank truck,
a Hyundai XG300, a Dodge pickup truck, a plow truck,
2 bubble, pull behind campers, a pop-up, slide in camper,
a car trailer, countless lawn mowers of the push behind and ride on varieties
and now... a Mini Van.
We bought a Chihuahua and named him Rodrigo.
We rescued a second Chihuahua and named her Annabelle,
but called her Bella or Smoocher.
Became addicted to Apple.
Bought the Strawberry 2nd Generation iMac, the Igloo iMac, a 22.5" screen desktop,
two iPods, received an iPod Shuffle from 30 Rock,
and 3 iPhones. Yes, 3.
Don't ask and no, Hugo doesn't have his own iPhone even tho he wishes he did.
Our Apple wish list includes the new iPad(s).
Bought a house in the Hudson Valley.
Retrieved my furniture from Rhode Island.
The house got a new roof.
Tore the inside of the house apart.
Lived in it.
We were sealed in the Boston Temple for Time and all Eternity.
Bought a Pit Bull and named him Wallace.
Moved back to the City, Chelsea residence.
Wallace moved to Rhode Island and... soon after passed away.
Drove up to the house on weekends over and over again.
Got pregnant, finally!
Delivered Hugo and moved back upstate.
Joined Local 52.
Installed 30 windows, new heating system and a beautiful kitchen.
Started a blog.
Got a kitten and named her Evie.
Wanted goats and chickens real bad, was told "Over my dead body!"
Got pregnant again.
Installed a kitchen pantry.
Our Bella Smoocher passed away.
The girls arrived safe and sound.
Our favorite tenant moved away to a home of her own.
Opened the staircase leading down to the first floor.
Installed 3 doors with arched windows leading out to the veranda.
Looking for a new contractor...
Still in love.
12 years.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow! It's amazing how many things can happen in twelve little old years! I loved the reflections Ali. That was so neat! And I especially love to see pictures of those sweet babies!

Audra said...

Happy Anniversary Ali & Cesar! Love the timeline. I was cracking up over all the vehicles you've gone through!! lol

KristyKay said...

I don't think I could recall every little thing like that.
I'm so happy that you two are together and pleased that you found such a wonderful guy to love.

Maggie May said...

Congratulations, Ali & Cesar!

This is a great post, Ali--it shows your way with words. I like it.

Lora said...

I love this love story!