Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cranky Baby

Marlo has been needy. Her misunderstoodness returned yesterday and is yet here today. I feel for her. I feel for her bunk mate of a sister named Sabine. Somehow or other, Sabine manages to sleep right through Marlo's crankiness and cries. Hugo alerts me each time she pipes up. Sometimes he'll tell me she needs more milk. Sometimes he tells me she is stinky. Once in a blue moon, I catch him with his hands clamped tight over his ears.

My niece Carly has the nickname of Cranky Carly, CC for short. Marlo seems to be possibly following in her footsteps. We were calling Marlo Cranky Crank but it feels as though we're copying the Price family nicknames. With Marlo's increased wakefulness Cranky Crank doesn't exactly fit our little urchin baby anymore anyway. She's more like our - Crabcake. You see, she's now crabby with a slice of sweetness peeking through the grumpiness!

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