Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I went to Sam's Club today. All three of my chicks were along for the ride. We made it. We survived. The only trouble encountered, happened just as I was next to check out. I mean, seriously, the lady in front of me was writing out the dollar amount on her check when Hugo went bananas saying he had to tinkle. And tinkle now! I had just picked him up from preschool and drove straight to Sam's so, I figured he meant it. Out of line I rolled the cart. Eyes widened behind me, a look of pure confusion passed over the check out persons face. No one could figure out why the crazy lady with a preschooler, two infant car seats, and a loaded to the gills grocery cart were pulling out of the next in line position. We were headed to the bathrooms people.

So. The in and out of the van had been fine. The shopping up and down the aisles had been fine. But now I cried. How was I going to get Hugo and the girls, who were snug as bugs in a rug in their car seats, into the Ladies Room all by myself?

First, I lifted Hugo out of the cart. Second, I carefully rearranged the grocery items out of the way to be able to lift the girls seats out of the cart. Third, I really, really wanted to cry because I discovered that Hugo now knows that there is a difference between the girl and boys bathrooms. When did this happen? He was determined to not go into the girls bathroom. People passed me by. Meltdown in full display. No one helped. No one made eye contact. I think I could have stolen the store blind and they wouldn't have cared as long as I quieted the noisy one as quickly as possible. Somehow or other the crying (Hugo's, not mine) ended. We made our way into the girls bathroom, trying our best to not slam and crash the girls seats into the door and walls and hand dryers all around. We chose a stall which seemed mostly clean and then I paused... What was I going to do with the girls? I parked them in the middle of the Ladies Room floor while I stood in the doorway of Hugo's stall holding his hands so he wouldn't touch the toilet seat. Thank heavens both girls continued to sleep. We then loaded everyone back into the cart, rearranged all the groceries to fit and jumped back into line. Now don't you think security must have been watching me and could have phoned up a worker to zap all my groceries with their pricing gun to get me out of the store in minutes? Nope.

The pics were shot on my phone during the quiet, peaceful beginning moments of being in Sam's with the "high" of knowing that I was doing it all on my own. Oh boy, oh boy.

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