Friday, February 26, 2010

Booster Shots

The girls had their 3 month booster shots today with the nurse at the Doctor's office. I've been feeling funny about Sabine's weight and her physical floppyness, so I asked if it would be possible to weigh both girls. No problem they said. The girls each gained a pound this past month, the nurse spoke with the Doc in another room and said our Doc was happy with the weights. Sabine weighs 9 lb. 11 oz. and Marlo weighs 10 lb. 8 oz. I'm frustrated with the growth charts. Since a specific chart does not exist for multiples, the girls are compared to a singleton baby and my Doc hasn't set out clear growth goals of weight and height for the girls. Sabine registers at 1% on the existing chart for her weight and Marlo a whopping 3.7%. Woo hoo. That doesn't sound so hot, but looking at the girls they seem perfectly healthy. Marlo, you might say, is even... chubby. Sabine is string bean like, but so was her big brother Hugo, except for one week in August which I have photos of to prove. Sabine can still wear the Newborn onsies comfortably. They're tight length wise, but are perfect around her middle. I do like our Doctor a lot, but since she is a family practice physician, I am wondering if the girls might be better off with a pediatrician who specializes, or at least has more experience, with premature multiples. I don't know. The girls have an appointment to see a Doc who specializes in evaluating the developmental growth of preemies, but our appointment isn't until the end of April. To me, the girls seem to be tracking about a month delayed when I read all the what-you-can-expect-this-month stuff. Sabine is then, another two-three weeks behind Marlo, in my opinion. I want someone else's opinion though. Like a doctor. Like my doctor.

Check out Marlo's legs, decked out in tights, in the photo up above. The girl has got thick, Sumo Wrestler legs and yet, these 0-6 month tights look about three sizes too big on her. And she is the chubby sister! Don't get me started on her shoes. I ordered them from a women in New Zealand who has a cool blog and an etsy shop. The shoes are supposed to be 0-6 months. Marlo looks like she has duck feet with these things on. It's going to be high summer before they begin to fit. Sabine's wont stay on her feet long enough to be photographed. Sabine thinks we live in Tahiti or something. She kicks and scoots out of all her socks. Every last one I tell you. Even the cute ballerina ones from Rachel. The ballerina socks do put up the longest fight.


Lora said...

i just came over and got all caught up! the babies are just beautiful. and hugo, such a doll. i especially loved the pics of sunday morning with papa and and the kids all piled in the big, blankety bed. i wish somehow you could have been in the picture! have a happy weekend!!

Maggie May said...

the clothes are darling, even if they don't quite fit. :)

KristyKay said...

They certainly are getting used to the camera. I still think their facial features and their smiles are just So-o-o- precious.