Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sabine and the TV

This is our Bean, as Hugo calls her. He also likes to say her full name, Sabine Luvenia, a lot. He needs practice with the Luvenia part. He also rattles off his own full name and that of Sabine's twin all - the - time. Hugo Augustus, Marlo Amalia, and Sabine Luvenia over and over again.

Sabine has the sweetest demeanor. She doesn't cry much, but when she does, it means she's hungry and you'd better hurry up, cause she's not stopping! Her voice sounds a bit hoarse. Her Papa, and many others, upon hearing her cry for the first time, wonder if she has a cold. Nope, she just sounds hoarse. Makes me wonder what her talking voice will sound like, Demi Moore possibly?

Sabine is a very good sleeper. She rarely has trouble putting herself to sleep for naps or bed time. She's content while in her crib and bouncy chair. She isn't fussy over a choice of nursing or a bottle. She is beginning to smile at us and a goo or two has escaped her lips, we're practicing. There are some issues though... she has blowouts, frequently. Like, once a day at least, type frequently. She and her sister do a lot of toot making. The toots are loud and pack some force. Find a way to bottle our girls toots and The World's energy crisis might be solved.

Another interesting tid bit about both our girls is that they love TV. Is this normal? Will my readers now think I'm a super bad Mom? We do watch television and play video games here in our family. Hugo has been playing Lego Batman nonstop since our anniversary. Cesar is just as bad as the three year old. Hugo could care less about watching cartoons now, all he wants to do is play Lego Batman, Indiana Jones or Star Wars all day long. Soooo, the TV has been on a bit. And the girls watch it. They hang out in their bouncy chairs and they face the television so that the sun isn't in their eyes. I've been noticing that they seem to be watching the television screen. Interesting. Really? I've turned their bouncy chairs in another direction so that they can no longer see the TV and, guess what? The little stinkers crank their necks around to watch the television! I was holding Marlo tonight before dinner trying to engage her with smiles so that I could hear her coo, she wasn't interested. Our three month old craned her neck around and backwards like a good little owl chicklet, to watch her big brother play at being Batman. I thought I was supposed to be the most important thing in her young life... Tv. Our girls watch it.


Millie Price said...

in the first photo she kind of looks like a gelfling!!

Maggie May said...

These pics are GREAT. :)