Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look Mom, No Hands!

Hugo and I ate grapefruit together today. At one point he decided that he wanted to try scooping out the yummy flesh with his own spoon, so off to the kitchen he ran to retrieve a spoon of his own. Recently, Hugo loves to help with the silverware and also grabs extra plates or a bowl for me in the morning. Our plates and bowls are in a drawer in the peninsula beneath the silverware drawer, which equals nice and easy access for him and great help for me! Anyhoo, as Hugo crossed the living room floor to where I sat waiting for him on the couch, he balanced a spoon off the end of his wee nose. Hugo used to do this all the time, but he forgot about this fun trick for awhile. The trick was learned from watching a segment called Cool Tricks on Yo Gabba Gabba and somehow or other, the idea of it popped back into his head this morning as he crossed the floor and we had a good laugh together! I made him do it over and over again. Then I ran for the camera and made him do it one more time for the record. I had him do it one more last time for my iPhone so I could send it to his Papa at work! He is such a good boy.

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