Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 Months

The girls were 3 months old today. That's a shocker. The memory of my stay in the hospital does seem far away, it's all that followed after which is pretty much a blur up until today. The girls are officially out of their newborn clothing and diapers. Well, they could still wear the newborn diapers but... Sabine is the blowout queen. Thank heavens for size 1 diapers and a washing machine with a soak cycle. The shoosha packaging tells me I'm supposed to graduate the girls to the next size pacifier. Really? Will it really matter?

Evie The Cat has become the protector of the nursery. She's our Nana! Mom and I worried about what she might do during those first few nights in the nursery unattended. Should we cover the crib somehow to keep her out? Would she even bother with the crib? She was curious. I remember crawling back under my bed covers, more than once, praying to Heavenly Father to watch over the girls for me. That I desperately needed sleep and was turning their wee hour care over to Him so that I could rest. He listened. I found find Evie in the crib once. She was sitting up, near Marlo in the corner of the crib, looking at me as I entered the room. I freaked out on her fur lined hide! She likes to play underneath the cribs and behind the glider, batting at this and that. Hugo crawls under after her thinking he's helping, really he's just loud and obnoxious under the crib. Most afternoons I find Evie The Cat curled up like a pretzel on the cushioned seat of the glider. Why the glider now? She sat in it once or twice while it was still in Hugo's room. Most afternoons, before the girls arrivals, she was to be found at the end of our bed, not so likely anymore. What does she like about the nursery I wonder? Once in a while, I'll find her flat out on her back, spread eagle style, with not a care in the world. And the girl will not move. Does not care if I try to sit on her. I have to bodily remove her from the glider. Our Evie of the nursery she has become.

Marlo's eye contact has really improved and the girl smiles all the day long! I love her goofy smile! And she coos now, such a soothing sound to my ears. I should bottle it. I have tried to capture her sounds on my iPhone. Sabine doesn't coo yet or have much control of her neck muscles and is just beginning to smile, boy does it change her face. She seems sorta emotionless most of the time. She cries only if she's hungry and produces huge, crocodile tears! I feel that these smiles are a peek though a window as to what sort of young ladies we have on our hands.

I called Hugo upstairs to join in the photo fun.

Marlo sneezed.

Hugo had an itch.

Sabine tossed her cookies close to Hugo's ear and he was out of there in a flash!
A very short photo session with my boy and his two sisters.



Benitta said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Alissa Nicolau said...

Thank you Lucy! I'm flattered that you find something on this mommy blog of mine worth tuning in for. I love it, but it is all about me and my family. Have a great week!

Piques said...

OMG! Hugo looks HUGE! What a beautiful family you have. I have to get my act together and get these gifts of ours to those lovely little nieces.

Love the photos.