Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The girls have been sleeping through the night for almost a month now. Can't tell you how awesome it has been. I feel almost human. But. But, but, but... little Miss Marlo likes to wake at either 3, 4:30 or 5:30 am about every few days or so. Then she slips back into the welcomed 7 am pattern. We like to nurse in my bed in the mornings. Marlo usually takes a 45 minute snooze after she has had her milk.

Hugo told me this morning that Rodrigo was cold. He wanted me to do something about it. I went to investigate our Rodrigo and found him just like this, except there were about six Goldfish in the middle of his bed when I first peered down at him. I think Hugo imagined Rodrigo to be not only cold, but hungry and bored, thus explains the police car tucked under his rear, possibly? Rodrigo looked so sweet and I loved the small pile of offered Goldfish that I ran to grab my camera. I wasn't gone long. I swear. But when I returned... the Goldfish were gone. Did Rodrigo gobble them up quickly and then hurry to snuggle back into his blanket or did Hugo not want me to know that he was sharing his food with the dog and remove the pile of offered Goldfish? If Hugo did indeed pull an Indian-giver and remove the Goldfish from Rodrigo's pillow, what did Hugo do with said Goldfish? Chuck them in the fire or eat them himself, or, oh my goodness, heaven forbid, toss them back into the Goldfish canister? Do I want to know the answer... no. Will I eat any more Goldfish from our half full container? Nope.

This is my friend Ruth Ann and her daughter Taylor. This lady has come to my rescue all week. I love her.


Maggie May said...

poor Rodrigo... no Bella by his side! :(

KristyKay said...

That's a lovely pic of Ruth Ann & Taylor! Print her a copy....

KristyKay said...

Yeah...and I'm not commenting on that "poor decrepid looking little dog huddled in the corner of his bed...."
because he is in actuality "IN 7TH HEAVEN!!! and loving every moment of being alone! You all should see his spiffy little self! This pic is just a sample of the bliss...a new bed...treats brought to his bedside...people doting over him...need I go on!
Love you Roddy-boy!