Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gettin' Out

My girlfriend Ruth Ann has been picking up Hugo on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to drive him to his preschool for me. She is wonderful. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the babes and Hugo and two flights of stairs and the possibility of piles of snow just to get Hugo to school. We liked school but... I needed help. Ruth Ann to the rescue.

Ruth called me up late this afternoon laughing because from the moment she buckled Hugo into his car seat and alllll the way to school, he wouldn't stop talking. He has been such a chatter box lately. Can't even tell ya. It's the "why" that gets me. The never ending "why" and the circle of speech which the "why" leads to, is new and maddening. Hugo will ask if he is driving me crazy. Um, yes. He also now says things like "Oh Yeeeaaah!" as he plays his Batman Lego game. From Rock Band with his Papa, he's picked up a few lyrics of a Ramones song, "A, Oh, Let's Go!" he likes to holler about whilst shaking his rear.

I picked Hugo up from preschool this afternoon, his teacher Mrs Newton brings him out curbside for me, we then drove to the Rec for playtime with friends. I met a new mom today, she has identical twin, 10 month old boys. You want to know something scary? She actually has two (2) sets of twins, 5 year old fraternal girls, with a singleton in the middle and then the identical boys. Wow. She told me it gets better.

All I could think of was how I had it much better than she. Whew, two sets of twins.

Hugo took this above shot of me and the one below of Miss Sabine while I was on the phone this morning. Love the finger!

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