Saturday, February 27, 2010

Milk Shop Mama

The girls are closing in on being 4 months old and still have their baby blue eye color as vibrant as ever. My mother-in-law Carolina has predicted the girls will keep their blue eyes. I hope they do. Seems to me, that Hugo's eyes began to change around 6 months. What do you think?

We ran errands today and on the way Cesar asked if I was hungry.
Translation, "Are you interested in some Wendy's?"

We used to park, walk inside, stand in line, check out the meal toys with Hugo, dispense some ketchup in the little cups, sit and eat while watching the cars drive by outside. Those days are long gone for the next little while. Now we have picnics in the back of the van. Today, Cesar remained in his driver seat while I slipped into the back, freed Hugo from his 5 point harness and inserted shooshas into the girls fussy mouths. Cesar passed out the goods while Hugo and I sat on the floor (one of the second row bucket seats has been folded down into the floor) and ate. The coolest thing about a Wendy's picnic in the van, is that we get to watch a movie while we eat. Today's show was... dat, dat, da daaaa The Carebears! Fun times I'm tellin' ya!!

Maneuvering around Sam's on a Saturday (which was even more busy than usual due to the week long snow/slush storm we've had) with a cart full of the girls in their infant carriers and a flat bed cart full of our food purchases is once again, fun times! Deep breaths, a list and a husband, to help wrangle Hugo, are crucial survival tactics. Don't try this alone! Oh yeah, I have and I did survive, but boy is it easier with help. What surprises me most about errands is how long they take. By the time you reach home, it feels as though the day is nearing it's end.

Hugo and Papa napped together today while I put the groceries away and fed the girls. I've been nursing them two at a time more and more often. If I'm nursing one and the other starts to cry Hugo will ask why I'm not feeding my milk to both of his sisters. He hasn't been bothered by my nursing at all, sorta curious, but nothing intrusive. Actually he wants to kiss their exposed cheek while I nurse one or other of the girls. This I don't care for. We have a little battle of wills going on. I still prefer to nurse one daughter at a time, it helps me to not feel so mother cat like. It's a good thing we didn't have triplets, it'd break my heart to watch the runt fight for position! Ha, ha! Don't think I'm too gross because in the end, the jokes on me! But seriously. Triplets? There would be no nursing. This milk shop Mama would be closed for the season.


Maggie May said...

I adore the first pic of the girls--their eyes are beautiful.

sam said...

ah! those little faces!!!!