Monday, March 1, 2010

A Roll Over

As Marlo, Sabine and I practiced tummy time this afternoon, Hugo snapped some pics with my phone. This was not planned. I was not aware at the time, or had any idea, that my darling boy was photographing our tummy session until Miss Marlo rolled over! What a treat to find that he had for the most part, captured this fun baby moment. Not to mention the fact that I'm actually in the shot! Woo Hoo for Hugo!

In the above photo, Sabine had gotten tired and began to cry so I had just picked her up, Marlo is on the floor to the right.

Hugo took this shot just after she flipped. Here I am smiling and laughing as I gazed in happy disbelief at a surprised Marlo. She had no idea what had just happened, or that she herself had made the flip occur. I think the flip was caused by the inertia and weight of her bobbing head, but we're keeping this exciting milestone. Marlo has rolled over!

She got a big smooch of congratulations from me, her Momma.
At this point I knew Hugo had my phone and was snapping shots.

Still Hugo snapping away with my phone. This is Sabine Luvenia. Hugo loves to call the girls by their full names. Sometimes he begins to say their full name and pauses because he has forgotten, he'll ask me to whisper it to him. Sabine Luvenia, Marlo Amalia. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. I've got it." he'll say.

The End.

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