Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lost In Her Hat

People go crazy about these sweet fruit hats on the girls.

We heard a playgroup was meeting at the Rec today so I dressed the girls and packed a lunch for Hugo and I. As I stood up from tucking the girls into their car seats and looked at them from this new advantage point, my heart smiled. They looked so cute! I ran for the camera and realized that I didn't need to adjust Marlo's hat. This girl is always - lost in her hat. Since she came home from the hospital, we've been rescuing her from being lost in her hat. Grandma Kris coined the term and boy, did she peg this girl! When we're out and about, people stop me all the time, "Her hat is covering her eyes." or "The hat is over your baby's face." Sometimes, when we're out with bright lights overhead, I don't mind her being a little lost in her hat. I think it has protected her preemie eyes, it's amazing to me how very much she has grown and changed so quickly. Sometimes, I don't even mind her being lost in her hat here at home. The hat is like a sleep shade. A nap signal. A silencer. Sometimes, I even tug down her hat over her pretty blue eyes at nap time.

I went through all the photos I have of the girls so far, looking for Marlo being lost in her hat and found surprisingly few of them. Kinda sad really that I didn't think to document this silly baby behavior before now. Here are the few I've got... and by the way, Marlo and Sabine have the same head measurement, but Sabine is rarely ever lost in her hat.

Full face mode.

...20 minutes later, half face exposure, her best look.

One more time. Full face mode of being lost in her hat.

Half face exposure. Yes, she was awake, hence the kicking foot.

Sabine. Miss Sabine has just started to take her hat off her head and eats it. I haven't actually watched her remove her own hat, I've only stumbled upon her munching away at it.

I will add photos to this post as I remember to run and grab the camera before rescuing Miss Marlo from being lost in her hat!

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KristyKay said...

Just remember that UPS delivers overnight....
Love You all...