Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 Months

Look who turned 4 months old today!
Our girls!
Too bad they were both cranky pants for most of the day.

Hugo says, "Momma, why is she soooo cranky?"
Momma says, "She's tired, honey."
Papa says, "Boy, these girls sure are cranky. Is it time for them to eat?"
Momma says, "They want more of your undivided attention, darling."
Papa says, "They don't sound like newborns any more. They're loud!"
Momma says, "Yes, they are loud. And we love them."
Hugo says, "Momma, why don't you feed them your milk?"
Momma says, "Okay, you hold this one, and I'll hold that one and... ready, set, go!"

Marlo during tummy time.

Miss Sabine during her tummy time.

Once our afternoon tummy time had ended the girls were ravenous. I doubted that one would have lasted peacefully while I fed the other, so two at once it was. I used the Boppy with Sabine resting on top of Marlo's bottom half. The girls don't seem to mind being one on top of the other while they feed. We've got piglets I tell you. 4 month old, darling as can be, piglets!

The photo above and the following two below are my views of the girls as I nurse them.

I love the knuckle dimples and wrist bracelet on Marlo.
I love that Sabine holds onto me with both hands as she feeds.

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