Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogoversary #2!

It's here and today is the day! My blogoversary. There are no giveaways this year. Honestly, I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't yet finished Sarah's shawl from my first blogoversary a year ago, oops. I'm terrible! Sarah, I will finish your shawl, I promise I will.

I've found it more difficult to keep up with the blog this past year. I didn't write much early on due to my pregnancy and not wanting to reveal the news until the time was right. What else was there to possibly write about??? So much has changed here in our house. There are 5 of us now and we have a nursery once more. We are all still making adjustments to the babes being in residence, like not playing Rockband during the girls nap time, especially the drums... We traded in my sedan for a mini van, Cesar's parked truck was struck by a semi while he was in it, Hugo started preschool, Bella died, Rodrigo has about three teeth left in his head, I joined facebook, Maggie started a blog-erased her blog-started a blog-erased her blog-started her blog-made the blog private, we finished the pantry and installed three new doors with arched windows, my mother-in-law Carolina's car spontaneously burst into flames and burnt to a crisp, Cesar became a runner and has fallen in love with the sauna, Popeye introduced Hugo to toy soldiers, cowboys and Indians, Sheri married and moved away, the Cook and Murdock families moved west, Tia Piques's family moved to Canada, Aunt Lizzie's family moved back to Idaho, Cousin Adam was born, I happened upon two great bread recipes and finally had my lesson from Shaka on how to make caramels and I didn't knit nearly enough this year.

It has been a happy year. A most full and happy year! Thank you to all who read our happenings and share in our life story.


KristyKay said...

A very wonderful, awe-struck year!!! You all look so good!

Murdoch said...

We made your yearly happenings! I love looking at your pictures - your family if beautiful.


K May said...

I love seeing pictures of your kids. They are so cute and fun. Addi loves them as well!!

Maggie May said...

Happy blog bday #2. It's always fun to check in with the Baptistas. Hugo is my main man. :)