Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here is big brother Hugo helping Momma with his sisters.  Thank heavens he is excited about helping because I sure need him at times.  For the most part, he still jumps at my requests for missing shooshas and Kleenex to mop up spit-up and he will hold a sister, or two, at a moments notice.  Look how long in length he is compared to his sisters.  Almost 4 he is.  My big boy. 

The girls are becoming less enchanted with their shooshas with each passing day.  They still serve their purpose somewhat but, less and less.  Sabine has truly found her fingers.  I had hoped she'd stick with the shoosha, but no.  I then hoped she'd find her thumb, I was a thumb sucker myself, but no.  Sabine discovered her middle two fingers and contentedly sucks away on them whenever she pleases.  Marlo.  Oh Marlo.  Marlo needs the shoosha to help her pass out,  to chill, to be happy, unless she chooses to cry herself to sleep that is.  Once she falls asleep at night she doesn't need it any longer.  I wake her at 11:30 pm to nurse one last time before morning, when I lay her down in the crib again, she wont take the shoosha.  She cracks me up cause she clamps her lips shut tight like a little vise!  Hugo always wanted his shoosha.  Loved them.  And for the record, I don't like these green shooshas at all.  They're size newborn but the girls refuse to take the next size up.  These green shooshas bounce and roll when dropped, I've gotta search and search for them sometimes.  I bribe Hugo to win marbles or with candy to help me find missing shooshas on the floor, in the van, buried in the couch cushions, underneath the crib and more than likely, behind the girls ears.  Our boy is a pretty good shoosha detective. 

The above photos were taken on an especially cranky afternoon for Marlo.  She finally passed out and was deposited in the chair.  There was no way I was going to disturb the beast.  At the same time, Sabine was peacefully sleeping in the swing as it swung from side to side while sucking her fingers, hence the blurry but cool image.

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