Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bedtime Routine

Hugo stayed up late tonight. While I prepared dinner I also whipped up some cookie dough, Papa's favorite Everything Cookie dough, minus the coconut flakes. I promised Hugo that if he finished his dinner he could stay up and bake cookies with me. Boy, was he excited! He dressed himself in his pajamas and reminded me over and over that it was cookie time when all I wanted to do was have some computer time to myself. I dragged my feet. I didn't listen to him for a time or two. Eventually I followed him back into the kitchen and I'm glad of it, because we had fun balling up the dough onto the trays and licking spoons together. He dug his spoon into the cookie dough and flung pieces of it all over the kitchen counter. His eyes opened up real round and he whispered he was sorry. We need practice. Hugo was all about licking the spoons, he's an expert spoon licker. He also informed me that he plans on being sneaky in the morning. He is going to creep down the stairs and gobble up cookies under the dining room table, he said. I hid the cookies.

I had hoped that Cesar would do bedtime with the boy, but he was into a documentary, streaming from Netflix, about some tight rope walker. I stomped up the stairs with Hugo in tow behind me. It didn't take long for my grumpy mood to melt and for me to be grateful for a chance to spend Hugo's bedtime with him. One day, not so far off into our future, Hugo will be too big for our bedtime routine. I know I will miss it, long for it. Cesar will I'm sure tell me, once He's read this, that was his plan all along.

He snapped these pics of me and our best boy tonight.
Cesar told me I'd love them and I do.

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Millie Price said...

i love them too!