Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hugo has been telling me that he loves Sabine, not Marlo. Uh, oh.... What!? How did this happen? Why would he choose one baby sister over the other? Already??

During those beginning weeks with the girls at home we did talk about Marlo as being the cranky one. If one of the babies were crying, it was most likely to have been Marlo. But this was something we would all laugh about together. Little Miss Cranky Crank! Now, Marlo does fuss some at nap and bed times, but she is soooo much better! Sweetness she is, I promise! Take a look at these smiles in the following photos! Marlo is all about smiling and cooing and catching your gaze these dazes. If you squeeze both sides of her upper chest, just below her arm pits, wait, wait, wait - she'll laugh! You've got to wait those three little beats though. So darn cute. Her tummy is round, like a bowl full of jelly, not Sabine. Sweetness I tell you. Sabine smiles and is beginning to coo ever so softly. It's like she's whispering her secrets to you. Both girls light up like Christmas trees as you bend your face into their field of vision in the morning while they're in their cribs. I feel like Sabine is now beginning to wake up. Beginning to show us her personality. I feel like I know Marlo somewhat already, where as Sabine, she is yet a mystery. So why did Hugo choose her as his favorite?

Cesar and I have spent this past week letting Hugo know that we love both our girls. Both Marlo and Sabine are our favorites and how lucky we are to have two little girls in our lives. Two sisters.

Problem solved. The turn around happened as quickly as it had occurred. Thank heavens he has caught on. Now he is all about telling me how he loves both his sisters, not just one.

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KristyKay said...

Absolutely darling little plumdrops! WIsh I could hug them again soon.