Friday, February 27, 2009

Stripes, Bugs & An Idea - Oh My!

I finished knitting this stripy, colorful shrug for one of my nieces the other day. I haven't posted the finished piece till now because I'm a bit down about it. It is small through the shoulders. The pattern I used was for size 4-5 yrs but it doesn't seem right. Then again, I don't wear shrugs so I'm not exactly sure how it should fit. I tried it on Mr Hugo to get an idea of what it might look like on the girls and it fit him snug. He didn't like the feeling and would not wait for me to take a picture. Tore the thing right off. Yes, I did write "girls" before, meaning my sister and my sister-in-laws to all relax and know that their precious darlings are each on my knitting list for this project, even those in the Canadian regions! Back to the sizing drawing board for me. Ho hum.

At lunch time I found this bug posing on my kitchen counter. I showed him to Hugo and quicker than you can say bug, he smashed it. Yuck.

Later in the afternoon I heard this giant bumble bee humming about the dining room. Where did he come from? This time around I smartened up and coaxed the bee into a glass and then I called Hugo over to have peek. Soon after, we set him free out the front door and it took off in a flash. I wonder where in the world he flew off to this time of year?

I want to make a learning calendar for Hugo. I was inspired by the lesson we took part in at Parker's school this past Monday. Very slowly the project is coming together in my head and even slower onto paper. Hopefully soon I'll be brave enough to cut into the fabric and plastic sheeting I purchased. Photos to follow once completed. Promise!


KristyKay said...

It's odd that so many bugs are waking up already!
Kristene has had flies and an assortment of box elder bugs walking about, too.

Hey Harriet said...

I like your shrug!
Better than the bug!

(my poor attempt at poetry ;)

Can't believe your little Hugo squished the bug. Ick! Boys will be boys :D

Shaka said...

where did that bee come from-it's too cold for him.
good luck with the calendar.