Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Try, Try Again

Today I drove into the City.

I saw my favorite doctor.

I oogled this amazing chandelier while exiting the lobby.

Ran through the wet snow back to my parked car.

Home once more and it feels so good.

Hugo: I love you much Momma.

We stocked up on wood and retrieved the mail.

Now what to make for supper?


Hey Harriet said...

Hope your Doc appointment went well & all is good. That 2nd last photo of Hugo is so beautiful. Captures the sentiment perfectly. I also love his cute beanie! I bet you are all sitting down enjoying a yummy supper right now :)

MAGGIE MAY said...

Good, you went--finally. I'll say a prayer for you (say one for me too, but not for what you want, what I want!)


KristyKay said...

Keep all fingers and toes crossed!