Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Training Practice

Spring is right around the corner. I promise.

We spied this Wiffle Ball set cheap cheap while out last week and tossed it into our cart. The perfect weekend activity for Hugo and his Poppa.

Hugo would smack the ball with the bat and then chase after the ball, full speed ahead. He got pretty hot under the collar if Cesar beat him to the ball.

Sometimes Hugo tossed the bat aside before he took off after the ball. Mostly he hauled the bat along as he ran.

Here he is about to biff it. That happened a lot. I'm not sure if he was getting tired or if his legs simply missed the snow. You know... sea legs, how about snow legs?? Anyway, it was funny to watch happen over and over!

Poppa was trying his best to show Mr Hugo how to retrieve the ball from the bushes with aid from the bat. Hugo thought that was great fun! Whacking the bushes I mean. I think we might need a Wiffle style golf set soon!

Red Sox here we come!

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Audra said...

We were just "feeling" Spring coming here, too. Of course WI weather is just a teaser, and dumped a bunch of snow on us yesterday with frigid temps to boot. But like you said, "Spring is coming, I promise"! We so look forward to playing outside.