Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hugo clung to me all morning. He wasn't sick. Only super duper clingy. He would simply launch himself in my direction... and cling. He'd jump on me and cling. Hug my legs so that I couldn't walk and nearly topple me over, and cling. Didn't matter if I turned right or left or were upstairs or down, he followed. And he clung. He did cling with a smile. Actually, he thought it was a blast. I on the other hand, was feeling the need for some s-p-a-c-e, space. A little comfortable distance has its place and time between family members. Even with those of the cutest kind.

So I telephoned up a friend searching out some relief. Turns out that the clinging bug was in the air. She could barely hold the phone to her ear due to all the clinging happening on her end of the line. We decided to consolidate houses and tackle the three cling-ons together. We were brave. What were we thinking?!

Round one to tame our cling-ons involved costumes. A green frog, a princess, and an Asian reindeer.

Round two involved food. Mini quiches, apple slices, tangerines, fancy chips and milk.

The children weren't slowed but a bit in their combined clinging behavior. Not but a bit.

Round three involved jumping to their hearts content on the girls beds.

Still clingy.

Round four involved the three cling-ons lining up for a potty break. So far so good with Mr Hugo! Yipee!!

Round five moved us into the master bedroom for more mattress jumping, airplane rides, plastic food tossing, curtain twirling, heads a crashing fun. Oh, and hugs galore.

We also experienced some mighty fine mug shots!

Round six was the winner. Round six found us all curled up on the couch watching Toy Story 2 while eating beanut butter sandwiches snuggled up under a soft pink blanket.

And then it was nap time.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Ali, I have missed so many posts, because facebook has taken over my life these days. I know it will slow down, but for now I have enjoyed meeting up with a lot of my old friends. I love your photos! It is a little piece of heaven for me to be able to view your blog. What is going on at the doctor? Was it just a check-up are you doing okay? Your mom is coming out here this next week! I can't wait!

MAGGIE MAY said...

You had such a better day than I did. Sigh... Sounds like a slice of heaven to play with kids and eat peanut butter sandwiches. Someday!