Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ZzzZzzzZzzz Pop!

From Hugo:

"I love my Papa.  He can play hide and go seek with me.  He can play with my animals with me.  He can play with my toys and playdough.  And he can sleep with my Momma.  And he can get me gum, it's berry spicy.  And I like my dollar.  And I like our family.  And I like Jesus, and Santa too.  They give me snow and presents and they make everything and a tree.  I like movies.  And I can jump on my Papa's tummy and I can nibble on his ear.  And he always nibbles on me and we wrestle and we play dinosaur wrestles, lots of kinds of wrestles.  I love all my toys and my bike and I can go fast like vroom vroom vroom!  We can get treats from all the kids in the parade.  We can make animals from playdough.  And, that's all.  Oh, and our eyeballs can stay on our faces, and our noses too and our mouth.  And we can do like, eat our food.  And eat lots of food and milk and water so we can grow.  That's all.  Oh, and ahhhh, we love all the bones from the dinosaurs and we love all the animals from the jungle.  Yeah, that's right.  Papa is gonna take me to the jungle.  Pine cones wont stick to us anymore.  And curtains protect our eyes from the sun and from China.  And good dreams are from Jesus.  And that's all.

From Alissa:

My camera is dying.  I took these shots of Cesar lubing up Hugo's bike and then ran back inside to check on the girls.  A few minutes later, Cesar appeared in the doorway asking if I had heard the noise.  "What noise?"  Cesar said, "It sounded like ZZZzzzZZZzzzzzz POP!  Did you hear it?"  "No", I said, "But our power is out."  A moment later we heard all sorts of sirens heading our way.    Cesar and Hugo walked down to the road to investigate the situation.    We learned that a tractor trailer had taken out an electrical pole and a bunch of transformers along with it, half the village had lost power.  "Does this mean we are eating out tonight?" I asked.  And we did.  We had dinner and a movie, Wendy's burgers inside the van while we watched the Backyardigans in Super Spy!  A drive up to the mall to buy a new camera was short and disappointing, they didn't have the model I was interested in.  Boo, hoo, hoo.  The good news of the evening was, that the power had been restored upon our returning home.

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