Thursday, July 1, 2010

Golden Eyes

I've told my boy that he has golden eyes for a long time now.  When he was born, he had violet colored eyes, like Elizabeth Taylor.  I used to sit in a chair, next to the window, to get a good look at his eyes.  I watched for signs of their changing.  I so wished that their amazing color would stay!  Around six months of age, his eyes began to darken and specks of brown crept in.  Cesar has hazel eyes so I wondered if Hugo's would turn in that direction, but no.  Hugo's eyes are a golden, honey brown.  I tell him he has golden eyes and he has always believed me.  He proudly tells people that he has golden eyes, they're like - whatever kid, you've got brown eyes.  So it finally happened.  The other day, Hugo told me that I was wrong.  That his eyes are brown, not golden.  Brown like bark, I once heard in a commercial, which made me laugh.  But I don't believe Hugo.  He has golden eyes. 

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