Friday, July 23, 2010

This N' That

It's a rare morning these days, when I find my way into the bathroom to apply some makeup to my face.  This summer, I am not like my normal self.  I'm chubby so nothing fits, my hair has not been happening, my mascara and lip gloss tubes may as well be baby chew toys, but worst of all, I'm Casper the Friendly Ghost white.  No suntan for this twin momma.

I feel like we've been on the run, full speed ahead, for weeks now.  Summer is half over and I have no idea where it went.  How did this happen?  Normally, Hugo and I have spent long, leisurely days at the kiddie pool with friends and a packed cooler.  Not so far this summer.

I think I've figured out what the great time sucker has been... swim lessons!  We've been driving 30 minutes to a Rec facility for a 25 minute lesson, five days a week for the past four weeks.  Whew!  Once poolside, I park the double stroller under a shade umbrella and nurse one girl and then the other while trying to make conversation with ladies near by, keep myself covered and keep Hugo in the pool.  Our skinny boy freezes while waiting for his swim turn so he'll hop up and hurry over to where we've "parked" and warm up in his towel for a quick minute.  Today was our last swim lesson but, it's raining outside, so we didn't go.  A slow day at home is just the ticket needed by this momma of three.  I do feel bad that Hugo will miss out on his last swim class and his certificate.

The rain thus far has kept the temperature low today, a cool 71 degrees it is outside.  The air is damp and breezy blowing through our windows, I've actually thought about closing them.  Hugo just pulled on some socks to warm up his toes.  Sabine has stretched her morning nap to lunch time.  Marlo is kicking around on the living room floor in long pants.  The weather man said that tomorrow the heat index is supposed to be 101 degrees, I can't hardly believe it.  If the rain continues throughout the afternoon, I'm gonna light a fire in the wood stove.  I'm cold!

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Millie Price said...

interesting photos to look at. sounds like you're having the same weather we southern california it is the summer that wasn't....i think the sun hates me this year. i don't know what i did to upset it, but i'm starting to take it's absence personal!!!

MAGGIE MAY said...

yeah, I just posted on the cold weather up here, but I'm still getting some tan.

Ali, now I know where Sabine gets her beautiful eyes! :)

BLOGitse said...

Happy SSS greetings from Casablanca!


Lora said...

Ali- you are TRUE beauty!! Suntan or not, make-up or not, pre preg, post preg or fully are a gorgeous woman! And an awesome mama to some beautiful children, to boot.