Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our 4th of July

We were hot, hot, hot today.  Cesar babied his new tree with lots of water and attention.  Hugo flitted in and out of the house while the girls and I tried our best to remain still and cool.

Knock, knock, knock sounded the troll faced knocker on our front door...  Who could it be?  We five were all gathered around our big bed at the time.  It was our neighbor Craig inviting us over to swim in their pool!  I think his wife wanted an excuse to see the girls but hey, I'll take it!  Cesar wasn't sure about going.  What??!  I didn't waste any time.  The girls, Hugo and I were suited up in a flash.  Hurry up Papa because this train is headed for the pool!

The water felt like heaven.  Hugo had them dig out every pool toy they ever owned.  He was waaaaay excited.  Possibly a little too excited.  He wouldn't call Craig by his name, he instead kept saying, "Hey Neighbor!"  Sabine liked her feet and legs in the water, but not her tummy.  Marlo took a long time to get used to having her feet touch the water.  Funny girl that she is, she began to look sleepy even though she was newly up from her afternoon nap.  Before we knew it, she crashed long and hard in Kacie's arms while the neighbor gal stood in the middle of their pool.  She looked like a koala bear, clinging as she did to Kacie's torso.

It was a marvelous afternoon with yummy brats for dinner and a late night movie on the couch with the Mister.  Pretty nice.

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