Friday, July 2, 2010

Pizza Bread & A Pear Tree

While Hugo and I waited for Papa to come home from work this afternoon, we made Pizza Bread.  Yum yum is all I've got to say.  I first tasted this bread at a church function a year ago and went crazy for it.  I walked around the cultural hall asking who made it and how quickly could I get the recipe?? because this pregnant lady wanted more!  Cesar told me it was probably some Sara Lee thing from Sam's, but he was wrong.  I found the woman who made it.  It was Joelene Thompson.  She had been holding out on me, for years.  Make this, soon. 

Cesar just finished up his role in the filming of a Smurfs movie.  He scored an ornamental pear tree for our yard.  A 25' ornamental pear tree.  He said that there were two trees used in the film.  The second tree bit the dust during the shoot because of screws piercing its bark.  I hope our new tree survives the shale we live on top of and the coming heat of next week.  Cesar is excited he gets to rent a giant machine for the weekend.  More photos to come of the huge hole to be dug for the root ball.  Exciting times here at Chez Nicolau.

I went to check on the girls who had been left behind inside the house as I inspected our new tree out in the driveway.  I opened the door to squeals of happiness and spied our girls nose to nose.  They found each other.  So awesome!


MAGGIE MAY said...

I like that: chez Nicolau :)

And the pic of the girls facing each other is so precious. Again, Marlo is the outgoing one. She totally makes me laugh!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Mom just told me that Sabine is me and Marlo is like you!