Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Big Day

Hugo jumped off the diving board today, by himself, for the second time.  He was driven by the bate of a new toy.  He really wants a Poison Ivy figurine to add to his Batman bad guys collection, but instead, received The Riddler.  He was happy with the Riddler, loves that he can shoot giant question marks at things, but he is fixated on Poison Ivy.  Why?  How?  Is Poison Ivy even an option?  I need to look up our Batman Cave toy on line and get some answers before I'm in real toy bribery trouble.

As we pulled up to the house after Hugo's lesson, Vava was waiting for us in the driveway.  We ate a quick lunch of Pepperoni Bread and watermelon then quickly packed up for an afternoon at Big Deep.  It was wonderful.  Wonderful.  So happy we discovered it.  Hugo wore his Spiderman inner tube and swam his little heart out.  He played at being otters with Sofia, watched Charlie build towers and scratch messages into the stones.  The girls slept, nursed and had their feet dunked into the cool water by Vava and I.  It was a hard place to leave.

After dinner, Vava wanted to pick berries outside.  Sofia and Hugo begged for a bowl and were out the door in a flash to follow their Vava throughout the yard.  Raspberry jam is in our future!

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MAGGIE MAY said...

Sofia is so elegant & graceful. I was a mess at her age: lucky girl!