Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our lovely Sabine is teething.  Remember how those bottom teeth seemed to magically appear?  Well, the top four, yes I wrote four, are all coming in at once and she is quite aware of the situation!  For the most part, she is a trooper.  She moans a bit and whimpers like a hoarse kitten with big ole' alligator tears running down her cheeks.  We snuggle and snuggle and I've let her nurse whenever she wants.  Thank heavens her sleeping habits haven't been messed with too much.  I've had to settle her during the night but, it's been easy.  She has only wanted a little patting on the back and she passes right out again.  Four teeth across the top.  Ouch!

Then there is Miss Marlo.  I love the above photo of her.  It's like she's swinging her legs, singing a little ditty along the lines of, 
"Ohhhhhh, I've got no teeth, I've got no teeth, 
No teeth are bugging my gummmmms!  
I get to eat crackers, yummy, yummy crackers, 
Whenever my sister criesssssss.  
Cause my Mommmm, she don't want me to feel left ouuuut.  
So, I get to eat crackers, yummy, yummy crackerrrrrrrs 
All - day - long!  Hooray!"

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