Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Marlo & Sabine

Marlo, quick as lightening, rolled and scooched to the edge of our blanket and started digging into the muddy rock/sand and shoveled the goop into her mouth as fast as she could with her fingers and palms.  I was busy for only a minute as I retrieved Sabine from her buckled car seat!  Only a minute I tell you!  I now know why my sister Millie avoided the beach like the plague, in sunny southern Cali, the first year of her daughter Carly's life.  I didn't understand then, but today, today I understand.  *Times two mind you.*  Keep scrolling down and you'll what monkeys see, monkeys will do. 

My Mother-in-Law Carolina was just here and leading up to the dinner hour, with craziness swirling throughout the house, with laughter in her voice she asked, how do I do it?  I think I may have shrugged my shoulders and not said much.

Some days are a mystery and a blur.  Some days are great.  Even during the great days there are moments when I back up to a free corner of the room or an empty chair and hide for a moment.  Just for a moment, I pretend that I'm alone.

At the Big Deep, Cesar and Hugo went off exploring on their own, which I thought was great.  Like super great, until both girls decided to have a screaming match as I sat upon a shore full of rocks beside a babbling stream within a beautiful wood all alone.  I waited and waited for their return.  If we had been at home, I'd have some tricks up my sleeve.  In the middle of a wood seated upon a rocky, muddy shore, not so much.  At one point, I hollered out my husbands name at the top of my lungs.    No one answered back.  No one suddenly appeared.  The girls paused their screaming match for a moment with curiosity over what I had just done, and then resumed right where they had left off.  When Cesar and Hugo arrived back at our spot, the drama had ceased.


MAGGIE MAY said...

Oh my gosh, Sabine's blue eyes in these pics are soooooo pretty! They look perfect matched with her yellow suit.

I know you're losing your mind sometimes, but hey, you take good pics when you're crazy. Just sayin'...

Alisha Thomas said...

FANTASTIC pictures, Alissa! And those baby blues on your little one? Goodness! Absolutely Gorgeous :)

lainakay said...

Loving the photos. You're a great photographer and a great mama! Keep taking those occasional "alone" moments, we all have to do it sometimes!

Perhaps we'll see you this summer for carload night at the fair?

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thank you Maggie and Alisha for your sweet comments. The girls do have wonderfully blue eyes!

Miss Lainakay, I forgot all about car load night for the fair, so thanks for the reminder! Now, to hunt down a babysitter for the girls so I can have fun too!