Friday, July 9, 2010

High Temps

The weather here has been steamy and hot.  Like hot, Hot, HOT!  104 degree hot the past three days, here in the Hudson Valley.  We are not used to this.  We do not have air conditioning in this old, old house of ours, the place is too hot for the children.  We have spent as little time as possible at home.  We haven't been blogging or cooking or reading books or playing outside or even sleeping in our own beds.  It's too Hot!  We have been attending swim lessons, watered our trees, eaten picnics in the shade, enjoyed many a popsicle, and have crashed Ruth Ann's chilly house from early afternoon till dinner time.  Once home, we gorge ourselves on fruit, feed and bathe the girls, bathe Hugo and a cold shower its been for me.

I moved us all downstairs to the first floor (Sheri's apartment, Hugo is reminding me) where the temp was a nice 77 degrees.  The girls were settled into pack-n-plays and Hugo and I shared the double mattress from Cesar's camper.  I pulled all the blinds down tight since the living room faces east and hoped for the best regarding the sunrise and our sleeping in till 7am.  Evie the Cat snuggled up next to Hugo.  The girls were out cold.  All seemed almost... normal.  I have to say that Hugo was in heaven having a sleep over downstairs.  He didn't even want a bedtime story.  Just wanted me to leave him be while he enjoyed the new bed and the view of his sisters.  Um, awesome!  Once upstairs on the second floor, my body baked in our living room.  The third floor has been all but ignored except to retrieve clothing and diapers.  The staircase has been wrapped in imaginary caution tape and we've avoided it like the plague.

* Hugo surprised me the past two morning by making our bed.  He pulled up the flat sheet and smoothed out most of the wrinkles.  He even neatly arranged our pillows at the head of the bed.  Marbles for Hugo!

** Speaking of marbles, I've been trying to bribe Hugo to jump off the diving board without help from his teacher.  Yesterday, I told him he could have 5 marbles if he jumped alone.  Not interested.  I upped the count to 10, but he still wasn't interested.  I then bribed him by saying he could pick out a new toy.  Really?!!! He was very excited telling me exactly what he wanted, although I can't repeat his description of the toy now, since I couldn't hear him over the noise of the van's aircondtioning fans on full blast.  He then told me he could wait till next year for his new toy.  The kid has no current plans of jumping alone.

*** Miss Sabine has sprung a bottom tooth without nary a tear.  Lots of spitting up, but no fever or tears.  Wonderful girl.


Christine Wallace said...

SOOOO Adorable!!! Love your elegant & beautiful blog!

MAGGIE MAY said...

This series of pics is tops Ali! Love it. I mean, I usually love any pics of your adorable kids (& I'm excited to see them if you guys are in WI in Sept), but this series is gorgeous. Well done! :)

KimberlyJ said...

Anyone can take pics of their kids, but you bring it to a higher level. You are truly a talented photographer, and your kids just keep getting more and more beautiful!

Display Name said...

Cute pics... love the use of Sepia in that last one.