Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy, Busy Day

It's amazing to me how different our days are now, that one child has become three.  I've kept Hugo from joining fun sports such as gymnastics and soccer along with his friends this summer because I'm afraid of what will happen.  I know that Hugo would be in running, jumping, kicking and tumbling heaven but, I've been afraid of how our quiet life will evaporate and be no more.  I want Hugo to have as many opportunities as possible for new experiences and chances to meet new friends and all but, does it have to start already?  He is only four.  We enrolled him in swim lessons thinking that it would be a perfect summer time activity and an important life skill to master, not that he's expected to master the art of swimming this summer!

My goodness.  There needs to be a mommy class on how to pack for these events.  I so totally know now why families have mini vans and it's not about how many children you have.  Mini vans are for all the crap needed when you have outings with children.  Our van is full with a diaper bag, an emergency diaper bag, movies, a double stroller, a camping chair (for nursing in odd, outdoor locations), pool toys, towels, dry clothes, water and a giant cooler on wheels.  I like to spy all the mommy gadgets others are using, to glean ideas from the more experienced mommy pros.

Today was a busy, busy day.  We were out the door for Hugo's swim lesson as soon as the girls opened their eyes from their morning nap.  After his lesson, we ate our lunch with friends, picnic style beside the pool.  In the van once more, we drove back to town for a swim playdate with boys from Hugo's preschool class.  After much swimming, girls nursing, napping in the shade and snacks, we all piled back into the van yet again.  We were headed for home but Cesar was filming nearby and that does not happen very often soooooo home or location, home or location, home or location?  Cesar called and needed the hitch for his truck brought to him if possible, he'd made a deal for an old style cement mixer which we are in need of to repoint our brick house.  A quick stop at home, all the kids were passed out cold in the back of the van, and then onto location.

Cesar flagged me down street side and we drove together to holding to park the van and load up the stroller.  I wondered if the babies were beginning to wonder if they'd ever see our house again.  They were little troopers and smiled and flirted with all the grips,  makeup ladies and even a producer couldn't resist peeping in at them.  Twins.   We crashed crafty and fed the girls a banana.  Cesar hopped Hugo up on a Rice Crispy Treat, licorice, Jelly Belly's and a cola.  Hugo will now visit Papa at work anytime and on any project, as long as they have crafty, he'll be there, with bells on.

It was a busy and long day.  We all managed to be in relatively good spirits throughout and hit the sheets with little complaint. 

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