Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Morning

The girls have improved their sitting up skills immensely this past week.  Marlo is a trooper... until she topples over in a face plant, her screams can be heard two counties away, I'm sure.  Sabine is still loosey goosey with her trunk muscles, but ever so slowly, she improves daily.  The past two or three days, she has been showing off to her older sister by rising up on her knees and rocking a bit.  Won't it be something if our floppy girl crawls before our stiff one does! 

We have two bouncy chairs for the girls.  Sabine uses the red chair which we bought long ago for Hugo, it supports her spine and trunk muscles the best.  A second, but different, bouncy chair was purchased for Marlo.  Back in her Missunderstood days, she was in the bouncy chair with the vibration mode turned on full blast whenever she wasn't being held.  Which was a lot.  I wish we'd counted how many batteries we went through to keep her calm and quiet.  I wish, I wish...  oh well.  Marlo loves her pink chair.  She can make that thing bounce like none other.  Sometimes she waves one leg up and down to make her chair bounce.  Other times she'll lift both legs up and down in the air for a fun ride.  During tummy time, she'll now thump the floor as she waves one leg up and down.  Smack, smack, smack the top of her foot will sound against the floor!  I wonder if it will develop into a lifetime habit of sorts?   

I didn't take any photos this morning as Charles and Sofia left for home with Vava.  Hugo was long in the face and sad, sad, sad to have his cousins leave.  He asked repeatedly if he could go to Rafael's house too.  We tried to explain that the kids will be away at camp next week, that Raf won't be home much nor would there be any food in his fridge, but none of that soothed Hugo.  Thank heavens that as soon as Vava's car pulled down the drive (Sofia blew kisses from the back seat), we all raced back inside to dress for our trip to Hugo's swim lesson.  It was the perfect diversion.  He was soooo excited to show Papa how he wasn't afraid to jump off the diving board anymore! 

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