Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing With the Camera

So I played with the camera this morning.  Miss Marlo was all about posing for me and the new camera.  I like the shots but, they are sooo dark.  And drab.  Cool.  I just don't know what to think.

Trying to play with the macro and the bunny.  Not happening really.

I punched up the color on the above shot of Sabine and the below shots of Marlo in iPhoto.  It's fine but, do I want to do this with every single image for the next few years?

I grabbed Marlo and ran upstairs for the bed test.  My bed, which always has had such warm and wonderful light didn't quite work out.  Not happy.  Maybe it was cloudy?  Maybe it was too late in the morning?  Maybe I'll try again?

The phone rang and it was Shaka.  We're on our way to the pool, she said.  Okay!  See ya there!  And out the door we ran.

Trying the macro again.  Sorta working.  Weird.

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