Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fair Time

We went to "Car Load Night" at our county fair.  Cesar wasn't sure he wanted to go, the whole fair thing isn't his sort of fun but, he had a great time!  I made him go on all the rides with Hugo, he loved it.  I made him eat sausage and peppers, he loved it.  I made him slurp down a massive lemonade, all by his lonesome.  And, when he asked what sort of treat he could get for me... I requested a funnel cake and sweet as can be, he was off to find one for me.  Mmmmmm, funnel cake!  When I was busy taking pics of the kids and following our combined tribe through the crowd of kids, strollers and pregnant moms, most of my funnel cake magically disappeared.  And it did not disappear into my tummy, or Hugo's!

Early this morning, Sabine fell out of our bed and got her first goose egg and shiner.  Lovely.

A corndog.  This is the reason I wanted to go to the fair.  Yum, yum, yum!

Cesar thought the fun house experience was a load of c-r-a-p.  
Hugo said it was AWESOME!  
Who should I believe?!

I love their faces in these pics.  Future roller coaster, fair goin' addicts these two are.

Upon exiting the ride Hugo again proclaimed it to be, "AWESOME!"

Hugo threw a huge fit when he was ditched by his girl,
who wanted wanted to sit with her cousin
for at least one ride.

Firework Magic

One last ride for Papa, he was pretty sleepy by this time.

Sweet Sabine slept most of the evening away in her car seat while Miss Marlo didn't miss a beat.  
I rode the last ride of the night.  I took Hugo, his girl and her cousin into the spinning dragons and I spun us all like mad.  The kids and I all screamed our lungs out to the point that I started to imagine I was in Willy Wonka's boat on that crazy river wanting, begging to get off and out before we all barfed or, lost our minds.  It was awesome.  We all needed a good scrub down, when it was all over, with hand sanitizer after spinning the very sticky wheel.  Shaka to the rescue.  I love county fairs!

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MAGGIE MAY said...

the first picture is AWESOME--perfect shot :)

Shaka said...

cute pics. fun night