Monday, August 30, 2010

Hugo's Story

This morning, all five of us were in the nursery as I changed diapers and dressed the girls while Cesar moved the mattress, in both cribs, to the lowest setting (Sabine can pull up to a kneeling position and has been peeping over the crib rail).  Hugo bopped about the floor playing with his sisters.  It was a nice start to our busy day.  Little did we know the story Hugo had for us...

Hugo - Hey Mom, did you know that before I was in your tummy, I was up in heaven with Jesus and Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost?  I liked to fly around in space!  It was sooo cool!  And then I was like a shooting star and flew into your belly.  Did you know that?

Momma - Wow!  That's a nice story, I really like it.

Hugo - It's not a story silly, it was a dream!


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