Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday, Or Is It Thursday?

Cesar is busy filming a movie which has an odd schedule.  His work week is Wednesday - Sunday at the moment.  When these funky schedules come about, I find myself slipping into the same schedule he is working.  Wednesday is a Monday, Friday is a Wednesday, and Sunday is a Friday.  So, today is a Saturday, but in our house, it's Thursday.

While the girls slept this afternoon, I took a wee snooze on the veranda.  When I closed my eyes, my body was in glorious, full sun.  My skin drank in the warmth and I began to dream of the beach.  A moment later, something felt off.  I opened my eyes to find Hugo shading me with his sandbox umbrella.  He said he didn't want me to get a sunburn.  That I hadn't put on any sunscreen.  We had a little war of the wills + silliness as I'd close my eyes in full sunshine and then open them to find him shading some part of my body.  By 2 pm the sun had crossed over our roof line to the west and the veranda was fully shaded.  Sunshine snooze over.

I climbed the steps to check on the girls since they were sleeping unusually long.  Well, Marlo was sleeping unusually long!  What first caught my eye was poor Sabine.  The girl had her legs sticking out of the crib again.  I hurried downstairs for the camera because I thought it was funny and that she looked so cute!  After the pics, I gently lifted her from between the crib rails to the middle of the mattress and the sweet thing that she is, she kept right on sleeping.  Sew Bumper for the Girls Cribs, needs to be added to my weekend chore list.

I gave the girls bottles at 5 pm as they sat in their bouncy chairs watching cartoons with Hugo.  It gives me time to throw some dinner together, set the table, listen to some music, and whip up some cereal and avocado mixture for the girls.  I wanted to feed them their glerp first, so that it would be peaceful while Hugo and I ate our simple dinner.  Walking into the living room I found Sabine smiling at me and Marlo passed out cold in her chair.  I thought she'd wake up as I lifted her and walked into the dining room towards her highchair, but she didn't.  I wanted to see what she looked like in my arms so I strolled on over to the powder room.  I then grabbed my camera, snapped two pics and she woke, saw she was being admired and happily posed some more.

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MAGGIE MAY said...

I like the blog redesign! The banner pic with the 3 against the red gingham is awesome--it feels more fresh than the other flower pic. Good choice. And I really like the black & white of you and Marlo--you look pretty, serene...

see you soon!! :)

lainakay said...

Love this. So sweet. It's so funny when babies start "posing" for pictures ☺ P.S. The new blog header is darling!

Millie Price said...

the girls are getting so big! they're so cute, i can't wait to see are in sooo much trouble with the two of them (snicker, snicker)

ps. trent wishes he could see them too, he's looking at your blog with me right now