Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rachel and Sabine

We said good-bye to Rachel this afternoon in a hurried, kick her out the door fast, sort of way.  I was sad realizing that I hadn't taken photos of her with my girls.  I kept thinking we had more time.  With both girls teething simultaneously, that's six teeth per girl mind you, 12 teeth all together, the house has been pre-tty noisy.  Again, it bears repeating, that's a total of 12 teeth at once folks!  Rachel dubbed their screaming selves The Chorus and she's right on.  I don't know what is happening with my blogger but I can't figure out how to type without being in this text box and it's driving me nuts.  Can't "return" at all.  Anyhoo, Rachel's stay allowed her to witness Sabine up on her knees rocking and nudging her legs forward in her first few crawling steps.  Sabine has also preformed the amazing baby trick of transitioning from a crawling pose into a sitting pose.  Amazing!  We clap our hands and get all excited for her and she looks at us like, "What?  Didn't you know I could do this?"  Sabine and Rachel developed a thing for one another.  It was very cute to behold.  And Marlo, not to be out done by her younger sister, lunged out of my arms and into Rachel's.  So cute.  We made one last hurried pass upstairs to make sure she wasn't forgetting to pack anything as we ran out the door.   We couldn't resist peeking in at the girls sleeping peacefully in their cribs.  I asked Rachel to place her hand on Sabine's back so that I might take a picture to remember their first bit of friendship.  I love it.

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