Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After breakfast, Cesar loaded the garbage, recycling, and Hugo into the truck, headed for the dump and errands across the river.  While I tidied up the kitchen and started a load of wash, the girls were loose on the living room floor.

Trouble was in the air, but I hadn't a clue.

 The clock soon told me that it was morning nap time, I went to say hello to the girls.  Sabine was sorta behind a chair playing with one of Hugo's astronauts.  Which reminds me that as I fed the girls their breakfast of sweet potato and cereal, Hugo wanted to talk about the girls upcoming birthday.  Ummm, okay.  It's still a ways off, I explained.  His voice was high with excitement and he twirled his fingers in front of his face as he talked. 

Hugo:  I'll play with the babies in my room while you make the cake, cupcakes, and cookies!  Right Mom.  Isn't that a good idea Mom?

Me:  (With a big smile on my face) Sure.  I like your idea.  What kind of cupcakes do you think the girls will like? 

Hugo:  Strawberry!  The babies will like strawberries.  I like strawberries!

 Me:  What do you think the girls will like for their birthday presents?

Hugo:  Astronauts!  And big boy toys!   -he was serious

Me:  What about a doll?

Hugo:  Oh yeah.  You're right Mom.  The babies will like dolls.

 And he walked away.

I scooped up Marlo and snuggled her close as I carried her upstairs to the nursery.  Evie the Cat was napping on the changing table, I booted her to the floor.  1 - 2 - 3 and Marlo was in her crib with the sleep sheep making ocean sounds, shoosha in her smiling mouth,  she snuggled her blanket to her chest and I backed out of the room.

Walking around the chair to scoop up Sabine, she spied me coming and gave me a big, pink grin.  Pink?  Is that Hot Pink?  What, what, where, how?  She had sucked on Hugo's Crayola Marker cardboard packaging and destroyed a corner of it.  What I don't know is where the pink ink came from exactly?  I wondered if a marker had been tucked away with no cover once upon a time, and the ink had leaked into the cardboard, but I couldn't find a marker without a lid or one that was missing. 

I am in trouble.  Markers already?  She's 9 months!  I'm beginning to suspect that our Miss Sabine will be the silent, but deadly troublemaker type.  She had me all fooled by framing her sister Marlo early on.  Marlo is our squeaky wheel - for sure, but Sabine might just be the wrench which makes her squeak!

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KimberlyJ said...

CUTE! Reminds me of when I went in to check on Heidi napping when she was about 2. Initially I noticed a heavy scent of baby lotion in the air, and then noticed it.... Heidi was COVERED from head to toe in it... bed, pillow and blankets saturated. It was spread on the wall too. I think all moms have a story like that, and they always seem to make us smile. I LOVE your blog! The kids keep getting cuter and cuter!


Millie Price said...

so funny! reminds me of my own girls! they're all trouble makers!!

Shaka said...

so cute! your in for a lot more trouble tnan that! ;)