Friday, August 20, 2010

A Sleepover

This has been the scene here at our house for the past two days.  They are like Mike and Ike.  As our time at the Clermont house came to an end, and while the kids were out of earshot, I suggested a sleep over at our house to Thing Three's Mother.  When we told the kids our plan, they made a bee line for the van! 

There has been lots playing, whispering, book reading, game playing, Play-doh forming, craft projects, eating galore, tons of bubble baths, bike riding, sandbox playing, Yo Gabba, Gabba viewing, singing, pajama wearing, and believe it or not, sleeping.  Two nights in a row sleep overs are the best!

Hugo has told me that he is going to marry little Miss Thing #3 and be part of her family.  With his next breath, he also tells me that he'll never leave me.

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Lora said...

would it be weird if i framed that top photo and hung it on the wall in my house?! gorgeous.