Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Little Trip

Late yesterday afternoon, we packed the van, loaded up the kids and drove over the hills and across the states, to my Grandmother's house in Wisconsin.  It was her 86th birthday and a number of us planned on gathering up at Door County to celebrate.  Cesar and I had volunteered to squeeze her and her suitcase into the van so that we could all drive the last few hours of our journey northward together. 

When we arrived at my Grandmother's house it was early morning.   Cesar had driven all the way from our home till just past Chicago fueled by pod casts, red bull, and Trident gum.  I finished up driving the last hours to Fort all excited to see my Grandmother!  Once I pulled into the driveway, I popped open the closest side door, grabbed a girl and dashed to the front door.  Grandma and I hugged and smooched and then I dropped to the floor to change Marlo's droopy drawers.  I had a diaper with me but no wipes.  I needed wipes.  I asked Hugo to run and ask Papa to bring me some wipes quick, quick, quick!  Over my shoulder, Grandma piped up that she had some wipes and disappeared.  Shortly she returned, Hugo was no where in sight, and handed me a tall can of wipes.  Hmmm, I thought, these are different, oh well.  Now, it was early morning and this was the north side of the house, making it all the more dimly lit as my Grandmother had been a little surprised at our arrival and hadn't turned on many lights just yet.  Long story short, I swabbed up Marlo's bum, taped up the diaper, started to dress her and... the lights came on and... I got a look at the tall canister of wipes I'd just used to clean my baby daughter's bum with...  they were Clorox wipes!  Clorox wipes, Grandma!!!  I undressed dear Marlo, untaped her new diaper and smeared a generous coating of A&D all over her bum.

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MAGGIE MAY said...

These vacay pics are so good. You are great at capturing people with pleasant expressions on their faces--and the images are crisp. I wish I had a camera that nice!! And the ones with Grandma and the girls are adorable!

lainakay said...

So glad you're back! Great photos! Love, love the wipes story. Too funny.

L. S. Smathers Family said...

I can't believe she gave you Clorox wipes for your baby's bum!!! YIKES!
And as always...great pictures!