Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Knitting for Babies

Babies are everywhere in my life at this moment. Some were born at the end of this past year but most are due to arrive between now and July. It takes all of my fingers and a few of my toes to count them. It has been a bit overwhelming. I must admit that I have acted the part of an ostrich with my head buried far, far below in the sand. In Alissa Land this translates into ... I better get knitting, and fast. A few of these babies have already received their knitted garments from me. Recently I've made a blanket, a bear, three bibs, three sweaters and a crocheted dress. Sometimes I give the mother a choice of would she rather receive a blanket or a sweater? With so many babies arriving at the beginning of summer I've also offered the suggestion of knitting a six month size garment for their wee ones. Something for the winter yet to come. Have I mentioned it can be a tad, just a tad overwhelming, all these babies? Oh, and I would like to knit for Hugo at some point. I have a sweater half finished on some needles buried away at the bottom of my closet for him. I really don't mean to sound like such a complainer about this. Knitting for babies is a real pleasure for me. The tiny garments feel so precious and are such a hit all dressed up in their gift boxes I can't resist. So today, is the day. I am planning out my next few projects and diving into the actual knitting hopefully tonight after Hugo falls asleep. I think I have settled on this beautiful, soft gray, merino and cashmere blend yarn for my girlfriend Michelle's quickly approaching arrival date. Wish me luck because I sure need it!


Anonymous said...

Love it so far. Keep it up, hon.

Millie Price said...

your site is so sophisticated and wonderful. great job...i especially like your header, great job!

Becky, yep said...

Hi Alissa! I found your site through Scaredy Cat's! I too love your site! I'll be back!
Hope your day is great