Saturday, April 26, 2008

Loving This Blog Thing

I have missed writing my blog. I have neglected it. I have longed for it. I have missed lurking about on others blogs. I am surprised by my actually truly missing it. I think I'm officially hooked. I love that it has become my diary where I can add photos and miscellaneous items as visual highlights. I want to write about and share our day. It makes me so very happy. Something to look forward to.

Cesar is even more surprised with the dedication I have shown to blogging. Cesar is rarely separated from his laptop. He checks scores of baseball, soccar, and football. He keeps an eye on his stocks. He plays around with his Facebook page. He reads the news on various sites. Local news and weather, foreign headlines, local, regional, and international politics. He updates his spot on IMDB. Cesar is a regular on eBay. He buys and sells. Naturally he loves you tube. Searching the web is one of the very first things he does after waking, and the last before he closes his eyes each night. All Things Alissa now ranks on Cesar's list of daily sites to visit. I am honored. It means a lot to me to have his interest and support.

Two reason why I have not been creating daily posts ... reading deep into the night and Hugo has been fighting a fever. I finally finished the Twilight trilogy. They were wonderful and fun to read. For your information, I am an Edward fan and didn't realize that another choice was possible! Am looking forward to book four. Somewhat nervous for the movie. Wish I lived closer to Millie so we could see it together. So, hopefully now that I am not reading, I will get back to knitting! I am now very, very behind.

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