Wednesday, April 16, 2008


How wonderful our day was today, let me count the ways. We had sunshine and cool breezes. Friends came to play. We searched for potato bugs, centepedes, and salamanders under rocks and around tree stumps. We watched trains roar by and quickly pass from our view. We walked through the woods and found a giant muddy puddle to jump in. We splurged and picked up sesame chicken from our favorite chinese spot. I didn't know before but now I do that Hugo loves sesame chicken! We ate raspberry bars straight from the freezer. Slurped down some icy ginger ale through bendy straws. We both crashed hard and slept well. After dinner another friend arrived for a visit and we headed out for a walk into the village. We saw cars, trucks, motorcycles and balloons. We passed busy softball fields. We watched kids ride by on bicycles, another of Hugo's favorite things. We played at the park. Tried out the swings, slides, and climbing structure. Hugo didn't want to leave. We made a little scene. Once home we fed dog treats to Layla and Ms Sherry shared chocolate Teddy Grahms and a juice box with us. Hugo was pretty dusty smelling so off to the tub we went to splash in a warm bubble bath. We dried off, lotioned up, and dressed in warm jammies. Hugo could hardly keep his eyes open at this point. We skipped story time, said our prayer and our I love yous. We hugged, kissed, had butterfly kisses and then blew kisses. I was nearly kissed out. We had a beautiful day. What a true blessing it was.


Millie Price said...

is that park in still in the construction phase??? it looks a little on the scary side. sounds like you had a great day though!

Alissa Nicolau said...

The park is not under construction Millie. It is a very simple play structure. Next to it are two death trap slides that Hugo desperately wants to climb. Not until he's 5. I'll have to send you a pic of them.