Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HBA (Hugo Baptista Augustus) Sweater

Tomorrow is Hugo's birthday. This makes me happy. I am so in love with discovering all that is new for him. Tonight he called his friend Nicole "Cole" and he twisted Taylor's name to pieces but I did recognize what he was trying to say.

I make a strange noise with my lips to call the dogs and lately I've noticed Hugo trying to do the same. It cracks me up! Our staircase has a small landing before the final four steps. For some odd reason Rodrigo will walk up all of the stairs to the landing and then he pauses and waits. He waits for me to give him encouragement to continue up. He has only been doing this since our return home from the holidays. Anyway, it drives me crazy. And he will whine and whine until I tell him what a good boy he is and yada, yada, yada ... he'll finally run up the steps. Today I noticed that Hugo was mimicing me. He stood on the edge of the top step looking down at Rodrigo on the landing below, calling out to him in his gibberish way. Hugo does say Bella (Belll-aaa) but Rodrigo seems rather difficult for him. So, I noticed that not only was he trying to call out to Rodrigo, he had bent his legs at the knee and was patting his theighs as he spoke, just as I do. Very sweet.

This little sweater in the photograph above was one that I made for Hugo. He has worn it over and over again and now it no longer fits. His wrists have stuck out of the sleeves for the past few months but I haven't been able to pack it away. Tomorrow may be that day. A packing away day of baby things since now our boy is growing so big and will be two.

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